Can you survive this tortu- training chamber?

up arrow - JUMP

left arrow - MOVE LEFT

right arrow - MOVE RIGHT

(Jump on walls to wall jump)

this game is very much possible to complete

(Working on game jam so no bug fixes, be AWARE)

Planned features and bug fixes

Add an easier mode with more check points and more friction

Adding WASD

Fixing the title screen bug

Making some parts of the game a bit more easy for a better player experience 


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this game is fun and great but maybe an option for it to be WASD friendly

yes I plan to add more features and bug fixes after I’m done with my game jam :)

It's fun that it's on one screen. It's possible to get better, but the lack of friction on the ground or in the air makes the square difficult to control. I don't rage; I just get uninterested. The rest of the game looks like it has a lot of ideas.

I see, I will try making the amount of friction higher. Thanks for the feedback

bruh this game is actually so good, I'm awful at it but i still love it, good job my guy

thank you the feedback :)